Tranquillity Christmas Cracker Gift Package


The Tranquillity Cracker Gift Package includes a Tranquility Hand Cream (75ml) and a Manicure with Gel Polish.

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The Tranquillity Cracker Gift Package includes a Tranquility Hand Cream (75ml) and a Manicure with Gel Polish.

According to recent medical studies STRESS is the top psychological concern in today’s modern world,  and it is also one of the biggest danger to our health.

Stress is the body’s instinctive fight or flight response to various external triggers, when we are feeling threatened or overwhelmed; if the triggers are constant or excessive, stress can become chronic, leading to anxiety, insomnia and physical ailments.

Essential oils can be used to achieve a highly specific and true systemic treatment; this is the base for AROMATHERAPY.

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment useful in resolving concerns of different nature, whether it be physical – skin imperfections, muscular pain – or one’s emotional disposition (mood).

When the frenzy of every day life, stress and lack of sleep take their toll on your mood and affect your vitality and beauty, it’s time for TRANQUILLITY™.

This aromatic nourishing bath and body system contains an exclusive blend of essential oils that help you manage stress and rediscover a sense of profound tranquility and wellbeing.

Free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils and sles, high rate of natural-origin ingredients.

The silky touch textures soft and embracing, nourish and render the skin silky, thanks to a high concentration of oils and butters which bestows extraordinary pleasure and efficacy.

Tranquillity Hand Cream

Nourishing protective hand cream.

Light hand cream for a quick absorption, it bestows a silky effect and leaves the skin soft and pleasantly scented. The nourishing not oily texture repairs and protects the hands against environmental aggressions and skin aging.
With amaranth oil and an exclusive blend of essential oils, it favors an immediate sensation of wellbeing, alleviating the state of stress and tension.


Amaranth oil
Cedarwood essential oil
Sweet orange essential oil
Rose essential oil
Sandalwood essential oil
Geranium essential oil
Vetiver essential oil

96% of ingredients of natural origin


Light, not oily texture for quick absorption.
Silky-touch soft skin.
Cosmetic protection from environmental aggressions.
Anti-stress sensorial effect.