The Kent Health & Beauty Awards are all about celebrating success in the Health and Beauty Industry

Here in Kent, we are passionate about celebrating the success of our local businesses and the Kent Health and Beauty Awards do just that.

If you work in one of the fastest growing industries, you’ll know it takes a lot of hard work, probably a few tears, overcoming obstacles, and sheer determination to start, build and sustain a successful business.

“What you’ve done is amazing and you deserve some recognition for your achievements. You work hard building a business around making lives better for other people, whether that is in their appearance, fitness, health matters – both mental and physical.” – Kent Health & beauty Awards spokesperson

Here at Gorgeous, we are so honoured to be a part of these prestigious awards, and so so proud and pleased to announce that we won the following awards at Kent Health & Beauty Awards 2017:


Overall Contribution to the Health & Beauty Industry 2017


Beauty Salon of the Year 2017


Nail Technician of the Year 2017

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