Guide to waxing

Do you want to go all bare down there, but never been waxed before or never dared to go all bare down there?

For many of our younger clients a Hollywood style bikini area is second nature, however, for those of that are a little older even a regular bikini wax can seem daunting as it’s not something that we grew up with.  But if you want to get in on hair free living and want to know what happens, here’s the low down. Here’s a guide to what it’s all about and what to expect at your first intimate wax appointment.

Why wax?

Here’s the science bit …….

Hair growth has 3 phases and pubic hair is a type of terminal hair (thick, dark, long) as opposed to vellus (soft down type hair)

The Hair Growth Cycle

Anagen, or the growth phase:

Hair is actively growing longer in this phase.  The length of time hair remains in anagen phase determines how long it can grow.  Pubic hair stays in this phase for 3 to 4 months with approximately 30% of your pubic hair being in this phase at any one time.

Catagen or transition phase:

During this phase the hair stops growing, the follicle shrinks, and the hair is cut off from its blood supply.  The catagen phase only lasts for about 2 weeks, and only 2 or 3% of pubic hair is in this phase at a time.

Telogen or the resting phase:

In this phase the follicle is dormant and will renew itself. You shed the old hair and then the anagen phase starts again with the new hair pushing out the old hair from the follicle.  About 70% of pubic hair is in the telogen phase which can last for about 3 months.

So, when we complete a Bikini Wax we are removing 30% of anagen hair and 70% of Telogen hair.  This will lead to some hair growth being visible at about 2-3 weeks post wax, but this will depend on how quickly your own hair grows. It will also vary on the time of year and in summer will grow quicker.  Regular waxing will lead to slower growth as the hair is removed fully by the root.

You will find that when you are waxed because the hair is growing from its baby form giving you a tapered hair end, you don’t get shaving stubble which can be itchy and uncomfortable and give that Velcro effect when dressing/undressing.  This is so much nicer.

Why is it called Intimate Waxing? 

Let’s face it, there’s not many people that you let have access to your …………………………. (fit your own word here)

Here’s just a few suggestions:

Lady Garden, Bits & Pieces, Foof, Genitals, Vagina, Bush, Foo Foo, Fallulah, Mitsy, Vajayjay, Floss, Auntie Annie, Flower, Hoo-ha, Minnie, Vanjina, Minge, Foof, Tacos, Front Bum, Muff, Down There, C*%t, Front Bottom, The Jungle, Moo Moo, Mr Bottacelli, Gash with a rash, Beef Curtains, Fanny, Cornish Pasty, Nu Nu, My Nicky Minaj, Nunny, Fluffy Bits, Growler, Tuppence, Wotsits, Custard Cream, Fanwhaa, Froo Froo, Fluff Fluff, Vaginvi

As women, we are fairly used to nurses and doctors checking out our intimate areas and “laying back and thinking of England”, but other than our partners no one else really gets up close and personal so the thought of someone else being in this zone can feel a little alien.

For a Brazilian or Hollywood wax we get intimate, but we aren’t invasive!

We are removing hair, that’s what we’re seeing, that’s what we’re doing.

We do this for a living and have worked with hundreds of women and no one wax is the same, we’re all different and we’re all nervous before our first wax.

We know it’s a big step, we’ve been there too.  When we train to provide intimate waxing, we have to receive the treatment too, not in a quiet private treatment room but in a training room full of people that are all going through that embarrassment too, so we understand.  This means we have empathy and compassion when working with clients new to this type of treatment or new to us.

Intimate Waxing Bexley

Booking your appointment

If you’re not sure what to book, please ask.  You can book online, in person or on the phone.  If you have questions you can also email, and we’ll go through the whole shebang with you.  But for a quick guide Hollywood is all bare down there and Brazilian will leave you hair at the front only with complete clearance underneath from front to back.  Different shapes are available and can be discussed at your appointment.

What wax do we use?  Is it painful?

We only use quality hot waxes for our intimate waxing.  You won’t see any strip wax in your treatment.  The hot wax we use is by a company called Lycon and it is designed for intimate waxing.  We use a pre-wax oil to shield your skin and the wax shrink wraps around the hair and this means that when we remove the wax it grips only to the hair and not the skin.  This gives you a reduction in waxing pain of 50%!!

What do I do before my wax?

If you do a Hollywood shave or depilation, let it grow!  If it’s your first wax or it’s been a while, trim your hair.  About the length of a grain of Basmati rice is perfect.  Too long and it can lead to a less comfortable wax, too short and it means we may not be able to remove all the hair.

Have a bath or a shower, not only will this cleanse the area to be waxed it’ll help relax you a little bit too.

Arrival at the salon

When you arrive at the salon, you’ll need to complete our client registration if you are a new client, but if you’ve been before you’ll be checked in and taken through to your treatment room.  Your therapist will take you through and go through your treatment.  Here’s the heads up on what will happen.

  • You’ll be asked to disrobe or undress on your lower half once we’ve left the room. We do work with no knickers as we find this gives you a better finish.
  • We’ll ask you to cleanse your area with the wipes provided and deposit the wipe in the bin afterwards.
  • You’ll be asked to lay on our comfy couch and a towel will be provided for you to cover your modesty before we return to the room.
  • When we return to the room we will wash our hands, put on nitrile gloves and make sure you’re comfortable and ready to proceed and you’ll be asked to put your legs in a frog position.
  • We will then bring the towel back and commence your treatment. If you’d like a towel to hide under we can provide you with one, but we can almost guarantee that after a few minutes it’ll feel perfectly normal to have someone working on your intimate area. We are a friendly bunch and enjoy a chat, so it can be quite a laugh sometimes.
  • Breathe, don’t forget this lol. It makes a lot of difference as if you are holding your breath waiting for the worst, it tenses your body and can make the experience less comfortable.  We know it’s really difficult for first-timers, relax as much as you can and let us do the work.
  • We use pre-wax cleaners and oils and then we will begin waxing. We always work through from bikini wax to G-string wax to Brazilian and lastly Hollywood and we are happy to stop treatment at an appropriate point if you decide you’ve changed your mind.
  • You will remain in frog or smear test position for the first part of the wax which goes from your perineum (bit between your vagina and your bum) to the top of the front.
  • For the back section we will usually ask you to pull your legs up to your tummy. If for any reason this isn’t possible, we have other tricks up our sleeves to allow removal of hair from your rear area.
  • Once this is complete we will cleanse and apply soothing cream to the area.
  • Lastly, we lower your towel to cover your modesty and run through your aftercare.
  • Intimate waxing takes around 45 mins for most people, the longer you’ve been waxing, the less time it takes. First timers can sometimes take slightly longer, but we are usually under 45 mins.

That’s it!  It’s over!!

Now you just need to follow your aftercare….

  • Rebook to get the maximum benefit from your wax and your waxing future. We recommend 4 weekly wax appointments initially, but after time you will find that you can probably extend to 5 weeks or more.
  • Do not do use steam, sauna or jacuzzi for 24-48 hours. Your follicles will be open after waxing and you can be prone to picking up infection or causing inflammation.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise.
  • No horse-riding or any other kind of intimate area action for 24-48 hours.
  • Exfoliate regularly (once a week should be fine)
  • Don’t shave or use other depilatory methods between waxing. If you can’t wait, move your appointment slightly earlier initially until you get your hair growing ihn the same cycle.
  • If you find you’re prone to ingrown hairs let us know as we have products that can help prevent and reduce them.

Do you have a question? Get in touch